Geeky Pinafores For The Geeky Chef

Geeky Pinafores For The Geeky Chef

This is series of well-made geeky pinafores by Etsy seller Darling Army. They’ve got something for everyone — Adventure Time, Mario, Doctor Who, Skyrim, and even Dragonball Z pinafores. What is a pinafore, you ask? I don’t know. You’re asking the WRONG person. I don’t know shit about shit! Fine fine, I’ll look it up… *three hours later* Back! Sorry it took so long I put a Hot Pocket in the oven and took a nap. When I woke up my apartment was on fire in a bad way so now I’m writing from the laundromat. Turns out, pinafore is basically just a fancy way of saying apron. Why make it so hard? Next time just go with “adult bib” or “apron.” There are people like me (dumb) who don’t know fancy words. I mean, I still refer to cars as vroom vrooms and food as num nums.



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