For The Dirty Dreamer: Brassiere Sleeping Mask

For The Dirty Dreamer: Brassiere Sleeping Mask

This is the Face Bra. It’s a sleeping mask made to resemble a brassiere. I say “brassiere” because I’m looking to turn over a new leaf. You know, I wanna be classy for once in my life. And saying “over the shoulder boulder holder” is tacky as all hell. But there I go! I can’t do anything right. The Face Bra was designed by creative agency Interon as an invitation to┬áSalon International de la Lingerie event in Paris. Dangit! Why am I never invited to these kinds of things? Yeah, I guess you’re right. The fact that I have the maturity of a 13 year old boy and laugh every time I see a half naked lady probably wouldn’t mesh well with the fancy lingerie event taking place in Paris. BEWBS, tee hee!


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