Fancy Knucks: China Knuckles

Fancy Knucks: China Knuckles

Sometimes gramma’s tea parties get out of hand and I have to come bust up on some old ladies. Just kidding, I never laid a hand on a single one of them, I just tell the offender that I saw her grandkids being sluts and/or d-bags on Facebook. They always quiet down real quick. These China Knuckles by Etsy seller TheBrokenPlate are cut from blue and white Willow Ware china. Oh, there’s a warning in the product description: “Warning: Fragile! Not meant for use in an actual fight. If a fight should break out, the sight of these bad boys should earn you instant respect and a white flag.” White flag? Sure, totally. Respect? Don’t get ahead of yourself. Those old ladies lost every trace of respect for me after that time I let one rip during a quilting party. Okay, truthfully it was more than once but you get the point: zero respect. Now I have to sit at the kids’ table!



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