Ed Hardy Coffee Rocks

Ed Hardy Coffee Rocks

Coffee provides us with that much needed boast, but making a pot is a pain and a midday trip to Starbucks can really throw a wrench in your day. Ed Hardy’s Super Caffeinated Coffee Rocks with 600mg of the good stuff should do the trick. Sure you’d be supporting a totally obnoxious brand, but al least you’ll be amped up and ready to defend your purchase.


Via: foodbeast.com

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  • Jared Harvey

    What a whore. What won’t this guy put his name on?

  • Peter

    lol … I bought these and they really ‘rocked’ ! Real coffee flavor as well.

  • Mario

    Great stuff. Rocked me hard. Never liked coffee before.

  • GraphicsGirl

    Coffee but better tasting. 3:00pm is just not the same with this product. Smooth pick me up and it sharpened my thinking well into the evening. Good stuff.

  • Nat

    These are a definite for my college backpack.

  • Michelle C.

    I really enjoy this product. They have a super taste and they’re much more rational than a liquid energy drink. This line of Hardy energy products is by far the best.

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