Cute Pokemon Undies

Cute Pokemon Undies

These are Pokepanties, Pokemon themed boyshorts. They’re being sold over at Etsy shop Makers Way, not to be confused with candy bar Milky Way which is the poor man’s 3 Musketeers. But I digress. The line offers Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu and Bulbasaur varieties. What, no Jigglypuff? That’s too bad, because that just so happens to be what I nicknamed my own ass. Coincidence? I think not Yes, actually.






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  • megan

    where’s her ass?

  • derek

    I want the chick in them, who cares about the panties?

  • Cheshire

    Sold out in XXL by the end of the week. All the S and M sizes sit and collect dust..

  • Faq u

    Confirmed fatass.

  • kayla

    Ill take all the smalls n mediums that are collecting dust! Half of them.. xD I waaant themmmmmm!!! Lol too bad I is poor.

  • CarnoCon


  • Sir Cumfrence

    Brittany, you nick-named your butt? That’s so cool! I named my wiener Mr. Willikers. Don’t judge me.

  • You know it! And don’t worry — this is a judgment-free zone.

  • Peta

    Could someone give me a link to a website that actually has them in stock as i cannot find them anywhere 🙁

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