But Of Course!: Hats For Cats

But Of Course!: Hats For Cats

This is a collection of hats for cats, crocheted by Etsy seller SarabiRose. There’s a fez, pimp hat, Charlie Chaplin-esque bowler, Princess Peach crown, Mario and Luigi caps, and more! We’ve covered Cat Hats here before, but if you’ve seen one cat-hat, you’ve seen them all you develop an insatiable appetite to see MOAR. Besides, I can’t help it — the internet runs on cats. It’s like the fuel that keeps the world wide web gears turning. Which, now that I think about it, totally explains the singed cat fur smell lingering in here. Oh, wait. Nope! Mr. Pinkerton is playing with the toaster again. BRB cat on fire.


Via: laughingsquid.com

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