Black Milk Does A Disney Princess & Villain Line And It's Amazing

Black Milk Does A Disney Princess & Villain Line And It's Amazing

Black Milk Clothing has brought us all kinds of pop culture-themed stretchy attire! They’ve done leggings, dresses, swimsuits, skirts, and tops inspired by Adventure Time, Harry Potter, Steve Buscemi, muscles, gutsStar Wars, Star Wars AGAIN, and more! Now they’re back with an entire collection featuring Disney Princesses and Villains, plus some other favorite characters for good measure. Because somebody’s gotta provide some comic relief while princesses are being like, locked in dungeons, tricked into marrying total @$$holes, having their entire villages taken away by greedy old dudes, or whatever. And they say these movies are for kids! Then why do I, a grown-ass lady, like them so much?


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