Be The Opposite Of Sexy In A Mustache Union Suit

Be The Opposite Of Sexy In A Mustache Union Suit

Mustaches are still chugging along, huh? Well the trend might be on its way out, thanks to the Mustache Union Suit by Toddland. Long underwear covered in the most obnoxious little shape of our time? Yup. It’s dead. But if you’re still interested (you know you are), you should know that it features a full button down front and button flap on back side…so sexy. Done in a cotton/poly blend, fellas and ladies alike can rock these jammies all winter long.


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  • Dave

    Yes, mustaches are “still chugging along”. The sooner you deal with that fact, the happier you’ll be. Too bad these only come in two sizes and aren’t flannel.

  • I LOVE this product. I really hope to get one for myself and the wife sometime soon!

  • Anna Castillo

    the link dont work 🙁

  • Ls

    Where can you buy this?

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