Bathed & Ready For Battle In My Stormtrooper Bathrobe

Bathed & Ready For Battle In My Stormtrooper Bathrobe

That Stormtrooper Suit was just plain ridiculous. Okay, by ridiculous, I mean overpriced. Because if it sold for $199.99 at Kohl’s, it would be nothing short of awesome. Now this Stormtrooper Robe is more like it. For under one hundred beans you and your partner can waltz around the home in sick armor, day after day. Unlike the real thing, it’s soft and cuddly so you can slip it on after a nice shower and even wear it to bed. But hey, slow down! I don’t want to know what happens after that. What you do in your empire if your business, got it? Think Geek also has Boba Fett and R2D2 styles as well.


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