Badass Sunglasses With Assault Rifle Temples

Badass Sunglasses With Assault Rifle Temples

There’s nothing more badass than saying something really cool and then putting on your shades. Unless your shades have AR-15 temples, then you’re like… the baddest ass. Jeremy Scott and Linda Farrow bring us these limited edition sunglasses with assault rifle temples . They’re exactly what you need to reach that new level of badassery. Also, some push ups. Bad asses got serious muscles, homie! And your arms are limper than overcooked spaghetti. Ooh, buuuurn! *tries to put on sunglasses, pokes eye*



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  • beerclinton


  • Norm

    That’s an M-16, not an AK-47.

  • andy

    m 16 dumbass

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