Awesome Costumes Made From Balloons

Awesome Costumes Made From Balloons

Here are some seriously impressive costumes made entirely from twisty balloons. They’re created by Jeff Wright of Balloon Distractions. The TMNT one up top took Jeff 12 hours and 500+ balloons to complete.┬áThe video is a MUST-WATCH. Michelballoongelo promises “Major league butt-kickin’ is back in town!” and thank goodness, too. I am sick and tired of this minor league butt-kickin’ that’s been going on. In fact, I wouldn’t even call it butt-kickin’. It’s more like… wrist-slappin’. And nobody’s about to stand around and watch that business. I’ve got better stuff to do, like a take a nap. Or watch balloon videos on the interwebs.

Check out the rest of Jeff’s balloony costumes including Buzz Lightyear, Mario riding Yoshi, and a big choo choo train (I’m 5).

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