Awesome Animal Handbags

Awesome Animal Handbags

Etsy artist Ben Tsang is selling a collection of some amazing Animal Handbags. He’s got totes, purses, and clothes featuring the faces of animals. Choose from different colored cats, various dog breeds, an owl, or a raccoon, if you’re mega weird. Personally, I’m really feline that cat purrrse. I basically need it right meow! Actually, to be honest, I need it last week, but there’s no way to make that statement into a cat pun. A bag runs about $40 a pop or you can get a custom version with your pet’s face on it for just $86. OMG totally worth every penny. Now all I need it to get this bag, fill it full of tuna, and then the final stage of Ultimate Cat Lady transformation will be complete.










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  • Emmily Phan

    These type of animal bags are already pretty popular in Japan, mainly in the cat style. I don’t think I would spend $40 though since they usually run for about $10-20 in online asian boutiques.

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