A Bowser Costume For Your Turtle

A Bowser Costume For Your Turtle

Jennifer Olivarez of Squirrel Picnic crocheted this Bowser sweater made for a turtle. Here it is modeled by Myrtle. Lookin’ good, Myrtle! Real good. To be honest, I never thought I could be so attracted to a reptile as I am now. I feel weird! My own personal crisis aside, Jennifer’s been kind enough to provide a tutorial so you can make one, too. Why would you want to your pet turtle to look like a princess-stealing @$$hole like King Koopa? I don’t know… maybe because it LOOKS COOL? God, why do I have to explain everything, don’t you have eyeballs?!

Check it out

Via: fashionablygeek.com

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  • Bob

    Been there, done that.

  • The turtle looks happy… but it prefers to be bare and brown. Coool.

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