These Solar System Ornaments Are Absolutely Stellar

These Solar System Ornaments Are Absolutely Stellar

Glass Sculpture Org is selling these Blown Glass Solar System Ornaments. $375 gets you the whole set which includes the sun and all 9 planets. That’s right, I said 9! Pluto is and will always be a planet. I don’t care what you say, Neil de Grasse Tyson! I mean, except that thing about everyone being stardust. That shit is beautiful.

planet-christmas-tree-ornaments-2 planet-christmas-tree-ornaments-3 planet-christmas-tree-ornaments-4 planet-christmas-tree-ornaments-5 planet-christmas-tree-ornaments-6 planet-christmas-tree-ornaments-7 planet-christmas-tree-ornaments-8 planet-christmas-tree-ornaments-9


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