Coffee & Weed Come Together With The Genius Pipemug

Coffee & Weed Come Together With The Genius Pipemug

There’s nothing like following up your morning coffee with a big-ass four foot bong rip. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re doing it all wrong! The Pipemug offers the most convenient wake and bake experience ever by bringing coffee and weed together. At long last! You can buy one for $50 over at Zang! Company. Just don’t get all mixed up and end up trying to smoke your coffee and drink your ganj.




Via: Foodiggity

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  • Dickfarts

    needs Bamboon Tampoon

  • IJR

    I eat lightning and crap poop.

  • otsego69

    Gives new meaning to the term “wake and bake”.

  • Melanie K

    until you scooby it, and you get ash in your coffee.

  • Jeff Price

    It’s not a bubbler or bong… its essentially a pipe through the handle, completely separate from the cup.

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