Now You Can Bathe Anywhere With The Inflatable Bathtub

Now You Can Bathe Anywhere With The Inflatable Bathtub

Go ahead and file this under T for Things You Didn’t Know You Wanted Until You Were Made Aware Of Their Existence And Now You Really Really Need Badly! Meet the InTime Inflatable Bathtub! It’s on sale over on Amazon for $180 — that’s $20 off the regular retail price! Do you know how much bubbles you can buy with that extra cash? I’m not sure that figure is actually quantifiable, but I am willing to bet it’s like, a lot.


Via: Geekologie

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  • Michael Murray

    Its OVER Priced? Geez man… You can by a Small above ground pool for 100.00. I am going to make my own Blow up Bath Tub and sell them for 50.00 by two for 80.00… I so wish I would have followed through when I thought of this idea. Need to start listening to myself, this is the third thing made that I thought of and they came into fruition…Bummer…

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