Now You Can Turn Yourself Into A 3D Printed Action Figure!

Now You Can Turn Yourself Into A 3D Printed Action Figure!

Take a look at the ultimate unique gift: a HeroMod! It’s a 3D printed version of “Super You.” How does it work? You simply load the photos and customize your superhero to make a lifelike action figure.

Super Heroes

You can even pick your own superhero name. But don’t even try to take “Mr. My-Guidance-Counselor-Was-Wrong.” That one’s taken! By me!

Each HeroMod is shipped in a capsule that has a magnetic base with a transparent exterior, which protects your HeroMod from the elements and super villains. Your chosen superhero name is also attached to the capsule.

Super Heroes

Also, you can send gift cards so someone you know can have fun building their own HeroMod.

The folks in the factory at HeroMods tell us that each model is custom designed before the advanced 3D printing makes it a reality.

Don’t forget to use code XMAS10 for 10% off your order!

It’s fast, fun and shipping is free. Immortalize the hero in your life!


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