I Own A Pair Of Elephant Boxers And Now You Can Too!

I Own A Pair Of Elephant Boxers And Now You Can Too!

They say that elephants never forget. And no one is gonna forget these Elephant Boxers sold by MySexyShorts either. The company sent me a pair to try out and, wow, you guys. Wow wow wow. I can’t even begin to even rn. You know what I’m saying? Neither do I.

At first glance I was like “Hm, yeah, wow, this is really happening.” On second glance I had to slap my face a couple times and give myself a pep talk in the mirror. “You can do this, Brittany! Everything is fine! This is fine!” On third glance, it wasn’t even a glance at all. I stared that elephant right in the eyes and said “What time is it?” and then I responded “Tool Time!” And then I put them on. What can I say? I have a flair for the dramatic. Plus I used to watch a lot of Home Improvement. JTT, if you’re reading this: call me!

The deets: The pair I received was a Large. It’s got a drawstring, big pink elephant ears hanging off the size that did no favors for my self-image, and a trap door in the back that is held closed by snaps. Let us never speak of this trap door again.

I do not have a penis so, admittedly, they looked a bit off. That said, I’m sure if I were equipped with a penis, they would probably look better. Also, I would have the ability to pee standing up which would be convenient. I showed the shorts to a male friend and asked what he thought of them. He asked if I was okay and when I assured him that I am not, but to please answer the question, he said “I imagine it feels kind of like toe socks.” So take that for what you will.

Do you want a pair of Elephant Boxers of your own? Of course you do! MySexyShorts is giving away a free pair to one lucky person. Just enter below for you chance to WIN BIG [Elephant Boxers].

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If you want to ensure you get a pair, head over to MySexyShorts website HERE and buy you some!


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