Art & Science Come Together To Make The Anaptár Calendar

Art & Science Come Together To Make The Anaptár Calendar

Meet Anaptár, a unique and completely stunning calendar that does sooo so much more than just count the days. Per the product description:

Anaptár shows seasons, months, weeks, days and holidays of a given year as well as solstices, equinoxes, the beginning and the end of summer and wintertime (daylight saving time), and even information like hours of sunshine, dawn, sunrise, culmination of the Sun, sunset, dusk, lunar cycles, moonrise, moonset, culmination of the Moon, declination of the Moon and the alteration of the distance between the Moon and the Earth.

Anaptár calendars come adapted to several different specific geographic locations like New York, Paris, Tokyo, London, and more! You can buy one HERE for just $38.





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