WTF: Taxidermy Squirrel Riding Rattlesnake

WTF: Taxidermy Squirrel Riding Rattlesnake

As if taxidermied animals weren’t creepy enough, Wild Things Taxidermy of Arizona has mounted this Antelope Ground Squirrel lassoing an Arizona Black Timber Rattlesnake. It was up for grabs on eBay for $549, but unfortunately has since been sold. Aw hell! This thing would’ve been a great piece to add to your weird collection. No wonder it sold so fast, just look at em. Hold on tight little doggy rodent, that snake looks like a reeeaaaaal arm jerker! What? I can talk the talk! This ain’t my first rodeo, ya know. Okay, yes, yes it is. Amidoingitrite?

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  • mike

    how do I buy this?

  • mike

    i need this in my life right now.

  • NaturallyCurlyHair

    I saw this in a Prescott, AZ store this last weekend…

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