Man & Dog Recreates Movie Scenes

Man & Dog Recreates Movie Scenes

Redditor mmsspp recreates iconic movie scenes with Wrigley the dog. They’ve done all kinds of films like Brokeback MountainDirty Dancing, Titanic, and The Hunger Games. I don’t know who’s the better actor: the human or the dog. Okay, it’s definitely the dog. Then again, I could be biased — I love those movies with the talking dogs. They’re my favorite genre! You ever had an Air Bud marathon? Best Saturday night ever! First there’s the basketball Air Bud, followed by the football one, then soccer, next he learns baseball, and then finally volleyball. And don’t get my started on Air Buddies! As much as I love the franchise, those moviemakers really dropped the ball (LOL, Air Bud joke!) when they decided not to make a hockey version. C’mon, who wouldn’t want to see a dog scooting around on ice skates? Oh yeah, you’re probably right: PETA. God, you guys won’t let us have anything!












Via: Bored Panda

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