Is This The Smallest Dog In The World?

Is This The Smallest Dog In The World?

Alright, people, get ready to squee. HARD. This is Meysi. She’s a teensy little terrier. Like the size of a can of soda. Not even 3 inches tall. Doesn’t even weigh a pound. Still, that doesn’t make her the official holder of the Guiness World Record for smallest dog. She has to turn a  year old first (she’s only four months), but she isn’t projected to get much bigger than she is now so she’s pretty much a shoo in for the award. Regardless, there’s one title she definitely deserves to hold onto and that’s Most Likely To Make Even The Most Callous Person Squee. Trust me — my heart’s as cold and black as they come and I haven’t stopped squeeing. My boss just gave me a dirty look and handed me a pink slip and I STILL can’t help myself.

Images via Daily Mail.



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