Is This Cat The World's Loudest Purrer?

Is This Cat The World's Loudest Purrer?

This is Merlin. He’s a cat. His New Year’s resolution is to beat Smokey, the current Guinness World Record holder for the loudest purring domestic cat. Man, that is SAD. A regular cat’s purr measures 25 decibels, whereas Merlin hits a FAR TOO LOUD 100 decibels. Now I know what you’re thinking and I’m right there with you: who cares? Right? No? Just me? I guess I have more pressing matters to attend to. What I’m going to have for lunch today, for example. SPOILER: leftover ice cream cake. It’s not actually anyone’s birthday, I just so happened to snag this puppy at the grocery store It was¬†on clearance¬†because it’s three days past it’s expiration date. But I’m not one to let a perfectly good ice cream cake go to waste. Even if I did find a long curly hair in it and the ice cream part seems a little frost bitten. Or is it freezed biten? Freezer baton? Whatever it’s called, it’s been making my bowels a little unpredictable. So on a completely unrelated note… if you’ll excuse me, I have something very sudden and urgent to attend to.

Watch the video to see the potential World’s Loudest Purrer.


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