Home Alone Remake Starring A Pug

Gee, It seems like just yesterday I was talking about the early 90s Christmas classic, Home Alone. And that’s because it was yesterday. How time flies! Today we’ve got a remake of Home Alone starring a little pug puppy. And co-starring — OMFG! — another pug puppy. What is this, my birthday or something? No. No it’s not. It’s Santa’s birthday. And I guess this is what he wanted. I always imagined Santa’s wish list consisted of like, laying on a beach and sipping a Pina Colada as he watches Mrs. Claus shake her ass in a bikini. But I was wrong: all this time the only thing that jolly fat man wanted was a Home Alone remake starring pugs. I’ve never been more embarrassed of anything in my life. Except that time I audibly farted during my own Christening. I just wasn’t cognizant of it enough to be the appropriate amount of embarrassed.

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