Hermit Crabs Now With See-Through Shells!

Hermit Crabs Now With See-Through Shells!

These are hand blown glass shells for hermit crabs made by artist Robert DuGrenier. Your pet crustacean’s future home is offered in a variety of sizes, colors, patterns, or coated in precious metals. All of which are see-through. Don’t ask me why anyone would wanna have a view of those creepy little bodies, I’m just here to report the news! Just kidding, I’m actually here to make bad copies and even worse coffee. But when I find someone’s left a computer logged in, I jump on and run my mouth for awhile. You know, just about whatever that pops in my mind like conspiracy theories, life’s mysteries, personal problems, mom butts… anything! When my boss finally catches me, he usually just locks me up in the supply cabinet. *drinking printer ink* Sure, it’s a tight fit, but I like it here!

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Via: www.geekologie.com

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