Dog Rescues Hummingbird, Now She Never Leaves His Side

A while back, Ed Gernon the human rescued Rex the dog. Then, about a year ago, Rex did some rescuing of his own — a tiny hummingbird since dubbed Hummer. After Ed nursed the little bird back to health, she hasn’t left Rex’s side. This is a video of that. My god, it’s cute. What a G-D delight. Do you hear a tiny scream from far away? That’s me, screaming my head off. I’m gonna need someone to come put it back on soon, but only after I’ve got all this screaming out of my system. Because, you know, what’s the point of putting it back on when I’m only gonna scream it right back off anyway? Logic.

Via: Daily Mail

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  • Secundius

    Has REX given Her a Name Yet?

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