How Bugs Are Ruining Your BBQ (And How To Get Rid Of Them)

How Bugs Are Ruining Your BBQ (And How To Get Rid Of Them)

The weather’s heating up and you know what that means: grilling season is right around the corner. Who doesn’t love a good BBQ? Exactly. Everyone loves a good BBQ. Even bugs. And not to be rude, but they weren’t invited! Unfortunately, odds are, those pesky insects are going to show up regardless. That is, without the help of Ortho! Here are some ways that bugs are ruining your BBQ and how to stop them — without harming your lawn!



A lush, green lawn is the perfect backdrop for a BBQ. A yard infested with bugs is… not so much. Kind of kills your appetite, no?



Bugs, like ants and flies, are always trying to sample any and all of your food. You slaved over a hot grill for that grub! You shouldn’t have to share it with the insects.


We’ve all been there: standing around the grill, having a great convo when all of a sudden you notice your knee is a bit itchy. And your forearm. Also your neck. Plus… your pinkie finger? Oh come on, did the mosquito HAVE to go for the pinkie finger too? Seriously??? Well, it’s official: the mosquitos got you. And they got everyone else too.


That’s right, not even Fido is safe from these pests. The humanity! While your pup’s running around the party trying to charm his way into getting a hot dog, fleas hiding in your yard can be hopping on board. Not cool fleas. Not. Cool.


So, you’re encouraging the kids to explore the yard, enjoy the good ole outdoors, when all of a sudden someone happens along a freaky deaky bug or (even worse!) a hornet’s nest. Cue every kid running while simultaneously screaming their heads off. Getting stung by a hornet is not part of a happy childhood! Now they’re traumatized for life and afraid to play outside. It’s a tale as old as time.


Ticks. They are the worst. Those suckers (literally — blood suckers, to be exact!) live in trees and, when they feel the heat of a warm body (in this case, said body is enjoying a delicious hamburger), they’ll drop on down and find a nice space on your person to feast on your blood. It’s not a pretty picture. It’s… whatever the opposite of a pretty picture is.


Ortho Bug B Gon MAX
The solution to all these insect-related problems and more? Ortho Bug B Gon MAX Insect Killer for Lawns. It kills 235 listed creepy crawlies that can and will ruin your BBQ and keeps some of them away for up to 6 months. Don’t let them ruin your BBQ. Don’t let the bugs win.


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