16 Preposterous Products for Pets

16 Preposterous Products for Pets

As proud pet owners, we understand the desire to spoil and pamper your furry, feathered and scaled little friends. But some people take spoiling their pets to a new level, and manufacturers are making it easier with weird and crazy, sometimes preposterous products for pets. We found 16 of the craziest pet products the internet has to offer.

Litter Kwitter

Cats instinctively want to dig and bury their business, but cleaning their litter pan is such a pain in the, well you know. Instead of creating some kind of self-cleaning litter pan to make your life a little easier, the makers of the Litter Kwitter came up with something that goes against your cat’s natural instincts entirely. Now you can force your cat to endure weeks of potty training and teach them to use the toilet. How convenient for you! And you thought the kittywig was weird. $69

Goldfish Walker

The life of a goldfish is a lonely life indeed, swimming endlessly in circles, pondering your tiny glass bowl encased existence. Luckily you only live to be a few months old and have a pretty short memory. Even still, some goldfish owners may feel sorry for their fishy companions and want to take them out into the world. But since it’s not exactly practical to walk around carrying your fish bowl you need the goldfish walker.

Dog Sunglasses

Ever put a cup on the end of a dog’s nose and watch it try to back out of it. Us neither, that’s mean (yet hilarious). We thought the same thing about people put sun glasses on their dogs for photos. If you’re thinking that about Doggles sunglasses for dogs at least consider that they are designed specifically to fit your pooch’s mug, making them instantly more comfortable, not to mention more functional than yours since they actually do protect their eyes from UV rays. Besides, how else is Spot supposed to meet Bitches if he doesn’t look cool? $22


Pet’s Eye View Camera

Who hasn’t wondered what your pets do when you leave the house. While you may not be worried about wild parties, you might at least wonder if the dog sleeps on the couch when you’re not looking. The Pet’s Eye View camera snaps to your dog or cat’s collar and snaps incriminating photos of everything they do. Finally, poor Fido can clear his good name and you can see that it was really the cat who knocked over the trash can. $50

Kitty Walk

We can’t help but think that whoever designed the Kittywalk Outdoor Cat Net knows very little about cats. Cat’s like to jump to high places to feel safe and they’re not fond being held captive. So while you may see an 18 inch tall mesh walkway as a chance to give your cat more freedom, your cat is unlikely to thank you for it. $120

Pawlish Nail Polish for Pets

If you’re not sure if your dog will enjoy having her nails painted, you better at least have a lot of treats near by. And while their website makes no mention of using Pawlish on your cat, we’re going to go out on a limb and say it’s not a good idea. Unless maybe they are declawed… in which case you can’t do it anyway. $12

Bubble Buddy Flavored Bubbles for Dogs

It’s funny watching the dog chase and snap at bubbles, but it always makes you think, “Gee, that can’t taste very good.” Clearly, you weren’t the only one thinking that since there’s Bubble Buddy, scented bubbles specifically for dogs. Comes in flavors like bacon, peanut butter and Bar-B-Q chicken bubbles. A perfect way to make sure your dog gets enough exercise, even while you sit around and lounge in your lawn chair! $10


Puppoose Dog Sling Carrier

If you feel like small dogs are more like accessories than companions, then you’ll love the Puppoose Dog Sling carrier. Carrying your dog in a purse is so last year anyway, and no one can see that much of your cute little chihuahua. But the Puppoose really shows him off what a lovely pup you have. Choose from 4 different beautiful crocheted designs… we’re assume you need 1 to match each of your 4 dogs, which all compliment different outfits. $55

toilet fish tank

Fish Tank Toilet

Unlike the inventor of the goldfish walker, the makers of the Toilet Aquarium have little concern for the kind of view their fish have. Seriously, it may be nice to look at fish in your bathroom, but think about what they have to see. But don’t worry. Even though the fish tank is fish graveyard adjacent, these little guys have nothing to worry about because the toilet tank and fish tank are separate. $200  Click here

Cat Wheel

A 8″ hamster wheel? Practical. A 36″ cat wheel? Not so much. If you can find a place in your living room (and budget) for the cat wheel, you kitten will love running around in circles for hours on this giant hamster wheel for cats. And then when he matures into an adult cat he’ll be too bored and lazy to care and it will one more place your cat likes to nap while he ignores you. $600

Pooch IQ Kit

Everyone wants to think that they have the brightest pup on the block. And why not? He learns tricks, knows when you need cheering up, and sometimes it really feels like he knows what you’re saying. If you really want to find out if you’ve got bragging rights or if you need a doggie dunce cap, the Pooch IQ kit is for you. Challenge your dog with 15 fun exercises and let everyone know that your pup is smarter than your average beagle. $50

Pet Master PDA

If your pet needs its own PDA, that may be a sign that you have no life, or perhaps too many pets. The Pet Master PDA steps up the challenge of organizing your furry friend’s busy schedule full of vet visits play dates and grooming appointments. Not to mention it keeps track of all of those important numbers (like the cutie with the German Sheppard at the park). And of course for pets on the go, the Pet Master helps you find nearby pet-friendly motels. While incredibly convenient, an electronic organizer for your animal might make your question who’s the real master in the relationship. $30

Pet Bicycle Trailers

Take it from us that having your dog pull you while on roller blades is pretty extreme. But if living life on the edge isn’t your thing, why not try pulling your dog while you ride your bike? The Pet Bicycle Trailer lets you ride around town while your pup takes in the scenery. $150


Boots for Dogs

Your dog might not have her own apple bottom jeans, but with these suede boots with faux fur trim, the whole park will definitely be looking at her. That’s why we wouldn’t be caught dead with our dog wearing anything else… Doggie flip flops… or even worse, barefoot? Not for our little Princess, she only wears genuine suede boots for dogs.  $18

Pet Doorbell

The Doggy Doorbell sounds like an almost perfect idea… instead of waiting for your dog to bark and howl at the door, or your cat to scratch up your molding when they want to go outside, the Pet Doorbell lets you know when your pet is near the door. Even better, it works whether they are inside or outside so you don’t have to worry about leaving them out too long. We just wonder how annoying this would be if your pet’s favorite place to catch some Z’s happens to be near the door. $60

Pet Armoire

Clearly your classy canines and finicky felines deserve only the best. But you start to realize after a dozen adorable collars, bandanas, hats, outfits and bows for your best friend that you need a luxurious place to store their entire wardrobe. Amber’s Armoire has the answers to your woes with tiny pet sized hand-carved armoires with gold leaf paw-shaped motifs. The Pet Armoire doesn’t come with the pet bed and duvet, or an extra bedroom to keep all of Princess’s accessories. $259

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  • Maxine

    “Luckily [goldfish] only live to be a few months old and have a pretty short memory.” Read up on goldfish aquarium hobbyists some time. Goldfish who are actually kept in a proper tank can live up to a decade and grow to be over a foot long.

  • RandomOne

    Luckily, some people make sure that goldfish are properly represented on the internet.


    doggy boots actually make sense if you live in a city with harsh winters; road salt is nasty on their paws. not to mention its friggin’ icy and cold. as long as the boots aren’t too ornate/hideous, its a good plan.

  • Jen

    I received the “Collar Cam” as a gift and it’s AWESOME. My dog is a furry Ansel Adams. She’s such a good phodographer, she has her own Flickr page. This product is the cat’s pajamas, and not only because you can attach it to your cat OR your dog. (Not to mention, the camera is of great quality and works wonders when attached to your bike handlebars, used as living room surveillance, or to time lapse a night out on the town.) I LOVE seeing what my little Zero has accomplished while I’m at work. And she loves seeing her photos on the web! Preposterous? More like Pet-awesomeness.

  • Pete

    Hey! Litter Kwitter is actually a good product! At the time I bought mine, I had 3 indoor cats in a 1000 sqr ft apartment, & things could get pretty stinky pretty quickly. I tried automatic litter boxes, which are very expensive & prone to breaking down, & just outrightly nasty to clean (yes, automatic catboxes need cleaning). Toilet training cats is nothing new & if they were that averse to it, it wouldn’t work at all. I ordered the Litter Kwitter kit after comparing to similar products & selected that one because the trend on the less expensive kits were that they were not as sturdy, & one of my cats is a 25lb fatty. Things were actually working out pretty well except that my oldest one, 14 y/o, simply would not get on board with the the new way of doing things & took to peeing anywhere he pleased, but the 2 younger ones (9 & 6 y/o) needed nearly no convincing. But because of the old one I needed to go back to traditional catbox. Not to sound callous, but when his time comes, the Litter Kwitter is going back up! P.S.– While most of the other items you have listed here are pretty retarded, I have to say, there’s something of merit on the cat exercise wheel– my fatty could sure use it! 😉

  • Amusing article! But there are more reasons to toilet train a can than merely the convenience. Allergies and financial reasons, for instance. Have you check out the price of litter for long haired cats? As for “forcing” them and going against their natural instincts? Only they can tell you that. I’m going to let my cat decide. I’m in the process of toilet training her with CitiKitty seat; she’s on week two. After she gets used to the loo, I’ll put her litter box back down and let her decide where to go. I figure, she has a mind of her own.

  • I have to admit I have a couple of those things in my store. What I don’t I’d love to carry them because pet lovers LOVE to pamper their pet.

  • doggy boots actually make sense if you live in a city with harsh winters; road salt is nasty on their paws

  • Amazing… The thing humans are able to invent.

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