11 Pieces of Ludicrous Lingerie and Unbelievable Underwear

11 Pieces of Ludicrous Lingerie and Unbelievable Underwear

Shopping for the right under garments can be tricky, you want something that looks good and is comfortable. We found the most ludicrous lingerie and unbelievable underwear that are both ridiculous looking and probably not terribly comfortable!

Weird Face Lingerie

We have no idea what’s up with this after hours ensemble, but we do know it’s really freaking us out! This weird lingerie turns a torso into a funky looking face with a design unlike anything we’ve ever seen. At least the model seems okay despite the face her panties are making.

Forget Me Not Panties

If you’re worried that your girlfriend might be cheating on you, or that your daughter is up to no good, give her Forget-Me-Not-Panties. They included a concealed GPS tracking device as well as biometric feedback so you can monitor her heart rate with up to the minute updates. This undercover undergarment updates you instantly and… Gotcha! Actually it doesn’t do any of that because it’s just an elaborate prank!

Headlight Bra

Um, your headlights are on… This bizarre brassiere will definitely turn heads. Even better they might produce that dazed effect that car headlights have on deer. They’re just a concept so don’t expect to see any extra flashing lights the next time you’re out dancing.

Shopping Bag Bras

In an attempt to encourage the eco-friendly practice of finding replacements for plastic shopping bags, one Japanese lingerie company shows us that even a bra can suffice as a bag. The No! Shopping Bag Bra works as a shopping bag when not in use and retains its bra shape no matter what, drawing attention to the concept. The bra comes in a variety of colors and features a strong anti-plastic bag message.

Under-Ease Anti-flatulence Underwear

Apparently some people are so uncomfortable with the concept of passing gas in front of others that they’d rather wear anti-flatulence underwear than let someone else smell their farts. It’s gotta be hard to look and feel sexy when you’re wearing giant drawers that require you to replace a filter periodically. Imagine getting intimate with someone only to have them excuse themselves to remove their fart filters! We can’t imagine anything more unappealing… including farts themselves.

Wedgie Proof Underwear

Whether on the battlefield or the playground the best thing you can do to ensure victory is to prepare for your enemy’s next move. That’s exactly what the 8 year old twins who invented Wedgie Proof Underwear did. When the bully grabs the elastic of the underwear it snaps off from the rest of the underwear saving nerds everywhere from pain and embarrassment.

Gas Drawers

In stark contrast to Under-ease, the Gas Drawers proudly display the power of flatulence. They were given away as part of a promo for Xylish chewing gum in Japan. What they have to do with gum must have been lost in translation. What we do know is that it takes an unparalleled sense of humor to wear something that advertises your ability to break wind.

Rice Miso Soup Chopstick Bra

Yummy! The Rice and Miso Soup bra may look silly and frivolous, but it actually serves an interesting eco-friendly purpose. To prevent an excess of disposable chopsticks, this clever under garment stores a pair of reusable chopsticks that you can whip out during lunch. How you do that without flashing the other restaurant patrons is beyond us.

Giant Women’s Panties

You may have spent more than $20 on a pair on panties, but we imagine it had more to do with quality than quantity. Even still you can rest assured that this size 100 piece of lingerie maximizes on comfort with a sexy black lace band. Giant Women’s Panties make a hilarious gift or very rude gesture depending on what kind of sense of humor the recipient has.

Chain Mail Lingerie

It’s hard to imagine that the D&D nerd who’d be into Chainmail panties would know a girl to put them on, but a geek can dream can’t he? Chainmail bikinis and panties are a staple in geek fantasy wear, but probably not terribly practical as armor or undies.

Faucet Underwear

If you’ve had a bit of a dry spell in terms of love then maybe you need to rethink your strategy. Or you could make a complete fool of yourself like usual and pick up these strange novelty draws. The faucet man panties are available in gold, blue, red, silver and more.

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  • Wow, not exactly what i was hoping for when i clicked through… though i guess the anti flatulence ones are justified for some.

  • The headlights are my favorite – and yet you say they are the one that ISNT available? Awwwwwww!

  • Michelle

    I really like the chain mail panties….I’d wear them

  • Tanya

    The gas panties and flatulance proof are crazy there a hoot

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