Vroom Vroom Suckers! Forklift Pedal Truck

Vroom Vroom Suckers! Forklift Pedal Truck

Well, here’s another item going straight to the top of my Christmas wish list! The Big Linde Forklift is a pedal powered mini-forklift. I can’t wait to get my paws on this bad boy! Sure, my fat ass might be a tight fit but we’re gonna make it work. Back when I was 16 my mom got me a job babysitting her coworker’s little kid so the parents could go bang in a parking lot or whatever. This little twerp had a Jeep Power Wheels! Needless to say, when he went down for a nap, I took it for a spin. Pedal to the metal, baby! The next day my mom got a phone call and looked prettyyy disappointed and humiliated. Turns out, the parents had a nanny-cam and, for whatever reason, took issue with my little joy ride. Thankfully, it worked out in my favor, because my mom never pestered me to get a job again. Which is exactly why I’m still unemployed to this day.


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