UFO Cap Umbrella

UFO Cap Umbrella

Why wear a rain cap and a carry an umbrella when you can do both at once and still have use of both hands? The UFO Cap Umbrella may look a bit garish, but it will keep you dry without requiring that you carry anything around. Since it doesn’t have a handle, when not in use it just folds up and fits neatly in your bag. Sure, it looks a little silly, but you honestly don’t look much worse than when wearing a rain poncho and you stay just as dry.

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Via: www.likecool.com

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  • lol. wow. that’s something right there.

  • Coralie

    I live in a place where the rain falls side ways. I was amazed when I went somewhere that a hat actually kept my glasses dry, but this would never work with.. wind. At all.

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