Tanishq Abraham, 9 Year Old College Student

Tanishq Abraham, 9 Year Old College Student

Tanishq Abraham is not just your average 9 year old. He’s pulling a Doogie Howser, yall! No, he’s not a kid doctor, but he IS a kid genius college student studying astrophysics. Cutie McSmartypants over here joined Mensa when he was 4 after scoring a near-perfect 99.9% on the standardized intelligence test. Big brains must run in the family — Tanishq’s little sister is also a member of Mensa with at 98.9% at only 6 years old. Man, do I feel dumb! It took me two tries to even pass kindergarten. What? Don’t laugh, I’m sensitive! Which is part of the reason I got held back. That, and I had have a little trouble with the alphabet. Can you believe elemenopee is NOT a single letter?

Via: theawesomer.com

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