Live-Action Remake Of Disney's Recess Intro

A group of students from St. Benedict’s high school in Cambridge, Ontario recreated the intro to Disney’s animated series Recess. It’s pretty spot on! Don’t remember the original intro? Here’s a refreseher. I’m gonna watch it again. You know, because nostalgia. Ah yes– sweet memories of Saturday morning cartoons, comfy PJ’s, and a big-ass bowl of sugary cereal. Not a care in the world, not a bill to pay, no mountainous debt, outstanding warrants for my arrest, responsibilities or crippling neuroses that only come with age. Those were the days!

Check it out

Via: Dog And Pony Show

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  • Hanna

    This makes me so happy! Definitely a favorite show as a kid, and I never would have seen this if it weren’t for your website. Thanks!

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