Anthony Cerniello put together this time-lapse video called Danielle. It shows a girl’s face aging sixty years. To make it, Anthony went to a family reunion where he took lots of photos of similar looking family members. Then, he took all those pictures and threw them in his cauldron, added a couple of potions, some frog legs and witch’s nips, said a few incantations, checked his email, ordered a pizza, stirred the concoction once more and then… this video rose up from the fiery smoke. You know what I’m saying? I’m saying Anthony’s a sorcerer. That’s the only explanation here.

Via: The Awesomer


  1. Isabella West

    If I was in her family, I would screen shot some pictures from that video, Photoshop them into portraits, and leave them all over the house. As she grows up, she’ll start to realize all those pictures are of her and think her family members are time-travelers.

  2. Bladeistrue

    Just a lot of Photoshop cuting and pasting and blending.

  3. claricesbeanie

    I think there are 4 different people in this.

  4. fts5000

    screw you

  5. paperdoll

    Great work though very interesting how masculine the face becomes in the middle before becoming more feminine again towards the end.

  6. Franz

    doable from 1:50 – 2:40

  7. lololol

    Her skin got saggier and saggier and saggier.
    AHH the saggy skin attacks!!