$2K Baby Bathtub Results in Filthy, Stinking Rich Kids

$2K Baby Bathtub Results in Filthy, Stinking Rich Kids

I have a baby and she is quite happy bathing in the bathtub that already exists in my home. Before she was old enough for that, she seemed pretty content in the $20 tub from Target. Would she be smarter, healthier, less likely to smoke cigarettes and drop out of school if I had invested in a luxury baby jacuzzi by BluBleu? That’s yet to be determined. For around $2,185, this MagicBath features “relaxing” underwater LEDs, stands at waist height for a parent and is supported on four curved and stable legs. Its suggested age is up to one year, but if you have ever met an active 7-12 month old, you know this baby item really just has falling hazard written all over it.


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