Best Drinking-Related Products

  • A Stein Lid For Beer Bottles Is Hilarious AND Convenient

    Essence of Europe Gifts is selling this beer bottle stein lid. Sure it’s goofy, but you know everyone else at the party is gonna be jelly as hell! Especially when they find a bug floating in their hooch. Or like, I dunno, someone else uses their drink as an ashtray when they’re not looking and then they take a swig of it and end up with a cigarette butt in their mouth and projectile vomit everywhere ruining the entire party and they will NEVER EVER SPEAK TO YOU AGAIN ALEX HOW DID YOU NOT NOTICE I WAS STILL DRINKING THAT??? I will never let that go. NEVER!

  • Shoot Open A Bottle Of Vino With This Wine Opener Gun

    This is the Wine Gun by WineOvation. It’s a wine bottle opener that looks like a gun. If you’re into that sort of thing, head on over to Amazon HERE where you can get one for $40. Or save yourself the $40 and drink boxed wine straight from the spigot like a normal wino!

  • This Laboratory Wine Glass Set Combines Booze And Science

    Check out these Laboratory Wine Glasses. They look like something you would find in an alcoholic mad scientist’s study. You can get a set of 4 for just $60. I’m going to have to grab a box of wine and give one of these babies a test drive. You know, FOR SCIENCE!

  • A Ridiculous Beer Mug That Won't Block The TV While You Drink

    This is the Better TV Viewing Beer Mug sold by Perpetual Kid for $11. The glass is designed so it doesn’t block the television while you’re drinking. So there’s that. You know, sometimes you come across a product that’s just like wow that is super genius how did this not exist before and how did we get by without it life will never be the same again. This is um… this is not one of those times.

  • The Upside Down Wine Glass, Because You're Wild As Hell

    You drink from the base of the glass instead of, um, you know, the vessel-y part. It’s definitely kooky and all that, but it looks like it’d be a real bitch to clean. And if it’s hard to clean, then I probably won’t clean it. And if I don’t clean it, layers upon layers of wine film will accumulate and, well, that just sounds terrible to be honest. Thanks, but no thanks — gonna stick with drinking it straight out of the bottle like a normal person.

  • Nerdtendo Gamebooze Flask

    As a kid you never left the house without your Gameboy tucked into your hoodie pocket. As an adult that precious pocket space has probably been replaced with something else that helps you pass the time. No, not a 3DS—a flask full of booze! The Nerdtendo Gamebooze flask brings back memories of all of the hours you lost on Tetris. Check out the AthenasWink Etsy shop which also offers plenty of other nerdy flasks inspired by BMO, the Tardis, Nuka Cola, and more. Who wants to get wasted... I mean... play video games?!

  • Nope, This Is My Sifth Beer

    Everyone has their limit. They know if they hit x amount of beers in one drinking session, it’s all over. At that point, it isn’t easy to remember just how many you threw back after you come to in the morning. The Beer Tracker Bottle Opener saves you from counting empty bottles and reliving the messy evening. Not only does it perform the role of a standard bottle opener, it also keeps track of the number of bottles you’ve opened in a session. It’s like a tiny plastic version of your mom, wife, teetotaler younger brother…you get it.

  • The Wine Bottle Hoodie Is For Chill, Laid-Back Vino

    Cool, but do they come in boxed size as well? Some people prefer that taste of plastic bag encasing their fermented grapes over boring old glass. But mainly it’s because we’re cheap. What? Did I just implicate myself? I did, didn’t I?

  • Bad Ideas: Key Chain Flask

    This product seems… pretty irresponsible. I like drinking my face off as much as, IF NOT MORE THAN, the next boozehound, but drinking and driving is no bueno, kids. That’s Spanish for bad news bears, by the way. Per the product site: "We not saying you should drink and drive, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a drink handy when you’re out in your “man place”?!"

  • Quit Spilling Wine With These Grip Coasters

    The worst part about getting tipsy is spilling your preferred juice everywhere. Especially if a fairly new Macbook Pro that isn’t even entirely paid off becomes a victim…but I’m just taking a wild guess on that one. The Silicone Grip Coaster Set from Swissmar will help you avoid messy spills and permanent stains. They may even save a few precious gadgets from a drunken death. These coasters attach themselves to glasses, cans, cups, bottles and anything else that holds drinks you can carry around, so you don’t need a new coaster each time you make a move. It doubles as a drink marker is BPA-safe, and can be cleaned in the dishwasher or just wiped with a wet cloth.

  • I Sweeeaaaar I Only Had One Beer

    Drinking four beers in a row can be a real pain. After each one, you have to get up, and get another one. The Beer Boot saves you multiple trips to the kitchen thanks to its 40 oz capacity. Just fill up the boot, kick back, and drink up. Just be warned, you’ll have to do some mighty fast drinking if you want to reach the bottom (toe?) of this boot before the beer gets warm. If beer’s not your thing, you can give yourself a heart attack by filling it with Red Bull, or go into diabetic shock by filling it with Skittles – the possibilities are endless!

  • Nothing Is More Fashionable Than A Beer Box Cowboy Hat

    I think it’s safe to say that everyone has gotten really drunk and worn a beer box on their head at least once in their life. Alright, maybe not EVERYONE, but I certainly have, and I plan to do it again. Next time, the beer box will actually be shaped like a cowboy hat! These stylish hats will help you show your love for your favorite beer, and help you look like an awesome cowboy. And hey, the more you drink the better these hats will look, so don’t be afraid to wear one to the next party you attend. By the end of the night, you’ll be the life of the party.

  • Rubber Chicken Wine Stopper

    Wine is classy. Even when it comes in a box AND I WON’T HEAR ANYTHING OTHERWISE. Rubber chickens are not classy. Not even if it’s wearing a bow tie. A top hat and monocle? Okay, maybe. In October 2013, Perpetual Kid will be selling this Rubber Chicken Wine Stopper for $10. Well, I know what I’m doing in October! Not buying this. I already told you — I’m boxed wine all the way, baby! They got that little spigot on there. No need for a stopper.

  • Our Boozy Planet: Glass Globe Decanter

    Because the world is my decanter, here’s a Etched Glass Globe-Shaped Decanter. It’s for BOOZE. Jk, it’s for fancy drank. Sooo… spirits? First you fill the globe with fine brandy, port, or wine. Then, spin the globe to aerate! Damn, that’s classy. And? AND the product site claims the thing can spin not just east to west, but also west to east. Whoa. What kind of sorcery is this? Whatever it is, it definitely makes this thing well worth the $50 price tag. Amirite? No, imnotrite. Imwrong.

  • You Need A Champagne Bong, Because You're A Classy Lush

    What happens when you graduate from college? You gotta graduate from a beer bong to a champagne bong! Because you’re the fanciest alky there is! This is the Chambong, it’s a bong for chugging your bubbly. You can score a set of two for just $40. Alternatively, chug straight from the bottle like a normal person! Haha, normal people do that, right? I don’t have a problem, you have a problem!

  • Vino2Go: The Wine Sippy Cup

    This is Vino2Go, a sippy cup for wine. The revolutionary (jk jk) product is sold by The Product Farm for just $16 a pop. The inside is even shaped just like a wine glass! Vino2Go: The classy way to get sloshed without making a mess. Because nothing says classy like a sippy cup. Needless to say I’m sold — I just bought ten! Annnnnnnd my card was declined. Surpriiiise, surprise. Well, that was a bust. Guess I’m back to guzzling boxed wine straight from the spout. The second classiest way to get sloshed without making a mess, you might call it.


If it is the holiday or just any Wednesday, it is a good day to buy yourself or a friend a gift that has something to do with drinking beer, wine, or cocktails.  Hit ‘next’ to see these great boozey products!

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