Where's The Guac? Taco Plate

Where's The Guac? Taco Plate

Eating tacos hasn’t been this organized since they came in a cup! If you want to prevent your food from getting all kinds of mixed up together AND you love tacos, then the Taco Plate is the thing for you. It’s got a place to stand 3 tacos and dividers for rice, beans and salsa.¬†Yeah, I’m not trying to have my salsa sloop into my taco! Just kidding, I’m not picky. I chugged a half gallon of chocolate milk even after my roommate warned me it was 3 weeks after its expiration date. I wasn’t even thirsty, I was just trying to make a point. No one tells me what to do!


Via: materialicious.com

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  • Jorge

    When you eat REAL tacos, I mean, 100% mexican tacos, you don’t need “special” plate!!!

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