Veg Out While You Work Out with FitDesk X Bike

Veg Out While You Work Out with FitDesk X Bike

Okay, be honest—what’s the real reason you haven’t been working out? Everyone says that they don’t have time to exercise, yet somehow most people work in several hours a day of TV, gaming and web browsing just fine. Since we wouldn’t ever suggest that you stop spending so much time reading your favorite blog *wink* we’re going to help you find more time for both. The FitDesk Semi-Recumbent X Bike makes room in your life for entertainment and exercise, leaving none left for excuses. The design not only creates a space for a laptop or book, it also allows you to rest your arms in a comfortable hands-free position. Especially great news for marathon gamers, that means gaining experience and pwning noobs will no longer get in the way of losing weight.


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