USB Cup Warmer & Cooler Keeps You Lazy

USB Cup Warmer & Cooler Keeps You Lazy

If you plug away at your computer all day, you need your favorite beverage close at hand. Whether you like it hot, or prefer it icy cold, you don’t want to keep getting up from your desk to achieve the perfect temperature. Here is where GreenHouse’s USB Cup Warmer & Cooler comes in. Simply plug it into any USB port, then choose to warm or cool the beverage, and finally, sit back and relax. With the compact body size, it’s perfect for your desk at work or at home. Just be smart: don’t place plastic cups or plastic bottles on top, as it works best with tea cups, medium size mugs, and glasses. Side note: Is that Ecto cooler in the image? If so, that’s pretty awesome.


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  • Rafael Centenera


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