This KitchenArt Spice Rack Really Measures Up

This KitchenArt Spice Rack Really Measures Up

In many kitchens, the spice rack/cabinet is a major source of stress. Or maybe that’s just my kitchen? If you’re short on space, you need to rifle through 4 old bottles of parsley to get to your beloved crushed red pepper. With plenty of room and a good gadget, your spice situation could be controlled. This KitchenArt Pro Auto-Measure Spice Carousel is pretty amazing. The design includes 12 removable spice compartments, each holding approximately 1/3 cup and each featuring a patented auto-measure dial. It will actually dish out the exact amount of spice needed, without a measuring spoon! Simply remove the individual spice compartment and twist the dial for a perfect 1/4-teaspoon measurement. Each compartment also has the standard openings for shaking and pouring spices as well. The set comes with 12 canisters and 55 spice labels, 50 pre-printed and 5 blank. This beats my method any day.


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