This Inflatable Spiked Shower Curtain Prevents Long Showers

This Inflatable Spiked Shower Curtain Prevents Long Showers

Designer Elisabeth Beucher brings us Spiky. It’s a shower curtain lined with inflatable spikes that are activated when the water has been running for over four minutes. Basically it pushes the shower-er out to prevent excessive water consumption. On one hand, of course! This is genius, water consumption is a thing! We should relax on the H₂O without a doubt. But a four minute shower, tho? That’s not nearly enough time to cleanse all my nooks and crannies! I’ve got a lot of real estate to cover, man. And a four minute shower is just not gonna cut it.





Via: Inhabitat

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  • rahlquist

    My kid who takes 40+min showers says this would be cool so pass on this, would just mean she would take longer….

  • Janet Zaharias

    Its a move in the right direction. Would be better with an adjustable timer and an added contraption that turns off the hot water.

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