This Astronaut Bedding Is Out of This World

This Astronaut Bedding Is Out of This World

I’m sorry, that was terrible. But you know what’s not terrible? Pretending that your bed is a spaceship and that every night you get to fly around outer space. This Astronaut bedding by Snurk makes you look like you’re wearing a spacesuit every time you get under the covers. The only problem is that when you’re not under the covers it looks like a faceless space man is laying in your bed—waiting. I’ve seen enough B horror movies that take place in outer space to know that when you get close enough there’s a creepy skeleton or a zombie in there and that dude wants to eat you.




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  • Onome

    This stuffs are awesome

  • andi

    hi , I was wondering if where I could get this? I didn’t find it on on amazon and the website selling it is german

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