The Customizable $41k Refrigerator

The Customizable $41k Refrigerator

This is Robey’s Meneghini three-door La Cambusa, a customizable refrigerator. Well, to be fair, calling it a refrigerator is kind of an understatement. It’s more like a fridge/freezer/coffee maker/microwave oven/steam oven/flat screen TV/ice maker/temperature controlled pantry/food storage type thingy. Basically the monstrosity can be customized to contain everything but the kitchen sink. Literally. Which brings up a good question: why no kitchen sink? You couldn’t make that an option? For a hefty $41,500 I’m not only expecting it to be equipped with that other junk AND a kitchen sink, but I’m also expecting a the dishes to do themselves. Plus a sno-cone machine.

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