The Automatic Needle Threader Makes Sewing Easy

The Automatic Needle Threader Makes Sewing Easy

Sewing is an incredibly useful skill. If you know how to sew, you can patch damaged clothing, make your own stuffed animals, and even fix a hacky sack that’s leaking pellets. Sewing isn’t terribly difficult, but threading the needle can be next to impossible. Getting the thread through that tiny hole requires patience and a steady hand… or an Automatic Needle Threader. This device will thread the needle for you, making sewing a far more enjoyable process. Once you’ve managed to thread the needle, the rest of the process should be fairly painless.



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  • Eva Hatch

    I went to A.C. Moore’s yesterday looking for needle threaders. The cheapest I found were $2.50 or $3.50. I love this. I’ll save it and order five or six of them. Wow

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