Terrifying Freddy Krueger Toilet Tank Cover

Terrifying Freddy Krueger Toilet Tank Cover

This is a toilet tank cover made to encourage you to just go to the bathroom in your pants. Or outside. Because isn’t this the ultimate Nightmare On Any Street? Not only is Freddy coming after your ass, but he’s literally coming after your ASS. Can you be any more vulnerable than when you’re on the pot? Nope. And he’s such a rude dude that he won’t even let you wipe, flush and wash your hands before he murders you! Your family’s gonna find your lifeless body on the toilet complete with butt crumbs, doodoo in the commode, and stinky fingers. Plus blood EVERYWHERE. But don’t worry, they’ll never forget you. They’re just gonna remember you for all the wrong reasons is all!

Via: www.obviouswinner.com

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