Star Wars Shooting Target Prints

Star Wars Shooting Target Prints

How good is your aim with a blaster? Good enough that you could shoot Darth Vader stanced to Force choke you? How about good enough to shoot a Stormtrooper holding Princess Leia hostage? Put your skills to the test with these Star Wars Target Prints by Sneaky Studios… or more realistically hang them up in your pad without bullet holes because they’re 32 bucks a pop for just the poster. $56 if you buy it framed, which makes even less sense if you’re planning to actually shoot these. So to recap, don’t shoot these posters unless you’re made of money and don’t mind glass everywhere. In which case you’re the kind of crazy rich person I’d like to avoid… I prefer crazy rich guys that pay everyone in lollipops and wear Tants, pants that are also a table.




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