A Shark Bed For Baby Is Kinda Morbid, Totally Badass

A Shark Bed For Baby Is Kinda Morbid, Totally Badass

Check out this morbid Jaws-themed baby bed by sculptor Joseph Reginella. He made it after he found out his friend was having a baby. Huh! You know what I made after finding out my friend was having a baby? Tears of joy. Annnnd now Joseph’s making me feel like I’ve let the little nugget down. Don’t worry, little dude — Auntie B’s gonna hook you up with a BAMF bed. Just kidding, here’s some more cloth diapers your mom’s always raving about.






Pictures via Facebook.

Via: Elite Daily

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  • Yargh The Destroyer

    They’re gonna need a bigger boat

    when he grows up

    Sorry, I’m not very good at this

  • Annette

    I want one!!! And after I posted this on Facebook, lots of my diving buddies wanted one too!

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