Rely On Dr. Who For Help With Baby Sleep

Rely On Dr. Who For Help With Baby Sleep

I’m not going to pretend to know a thing about Dr. Who beyond what I just read on Wikipedia. But I do know more than I will ever need to know about babies and sleep. For example: “sleep like a baby” is the worst statement ever, because the baby I live with has never slept soundly. Anyway, back to TARDIS and all that jazz. Little baby Andred Gallafraigh has been blessed with this creative Dr. Who-inspired crib. I can only hope, for the sake of his parents, that it gives him the nightly ability to travel into the future, you know, when he will actually understand the value of a good night’s sleep.

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  • eowynroh

    That’s my boy! And yes, he slept very well. We made sure the bassinet was comfortable and very safe – meeting all safety regulations in 2012.

  • That is sooooo awesome! I LOVE IT! We did a Doctor Who Nursery, Winnie the Pooh nursery crossover. I put it up on my site under DIY and Blog, one is a video and the other is my progression. Now I want a cradle lol

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