Picture Perfect Stamps for Vintage Photography Lovers

Picture Perfect Stamps for Vintage Photography Lovers

Don’t scrapbooks, handmade cards and old things just make you feel all fuzzy and swell? I always feel a pang of envy whenever I visit my photographer friend who has the quaintest little apartment decorated with vintage prints on the walls and old cameras and typewriters on her bookshelves. I don’t think the girl has purchased anything that wasn’t from etsy in the past year. That’s why she won’t have any idea where I got these adorable vintage camera stamps that I know will make her jealous. The next birthday card she gets from me won’t be some tacky Hallmark, but a black and white photo print of Paris or an old barn or something artsy with little vintage cameras stamped inside. Then of course I’ll put aside my pettiness and give her a set as well… after I made her good and jealous first.


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