Leaf-It Sticky Notes

Leaf-It Sticky Notes

Post-its are just a little too square for such a naturally creative person like yourself. Leaf-it sticky notes give your workspace an organic vibe that’s fun and cheery rather than that cluttered/disorganized/forgetful look you get from those bright yellow square notes. Available in green and brown, with a few variations on shape, size, and color, Leaf-It Sticky Notes seem to just bring your unique ideas to life.


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  • Addie

    I adore this concept! The links don’t seem to take me to where I can purchase them though, and I’ve yet find them elsewhere.

    I painted on the wall in my office and thought these would be perfect for writing reminders and such… do you know where else I could find some?

  • Gilroyadam

    No answer posted as to where you can find them.

  • Jenni Chasteen

    Sorry, it doesn’t seem that they’re available any more.

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